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What is Mall Activation?

Within the boundaries of Mall regulations, a temporary setup to promote the brand and connect directly to the end consumers. Knowing customer reviews and providing them immediate effective solutions for their queries.

Mall Activation possibilities

  • Brand experience forms
  • Small questionnaire to be fill up by the customer to know their reviews
  • Showing live demonstration 
  • Offering samples and tattoo
  • High visibility and attention of the target audience
  • Engagement activities
  • Offers and discounts coupons
  • Flyers, leaflates and user guides and many more.
  • Mall Activation is such a medium where the brand is directly connected to the end consumer. 
  • It creates positive brand recall value that lasts very long. 
  • A great PR tool and retail marketing strategy.

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An advertising agency, on the other hand, specializes in creating advertising campaigns and individual advertisements for products or brands in various media channels - e.g. in the press, television or the Internet.

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