Entire planning and scheduling of the exhibition program of the exhibition which creates maximum engagement of the audience.

Managing the entire exhibition and dealing with customers, taking their response, engaging them, offering discounts and rebates and creating a unique experience for the brand as well as the customer.

JK events and advertising offers

  • Ideal presentation
  • Creating a replica of the brand in the most unique way
  • Helping to engage more audience
  • Ideal stall fabrication and material
  • Lights and decoration
  • Sitting arrangement
  • Branding
  • Management of the exhibition

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  • Offer your guests sign-up incentives
  • Ensure you have unique branding
  • Find out which of your competitors will be present at the exhibition
  • Create attainable goals that you want to achieve from the event
  • Develop a strong visual concept for your exhibition stand
  • Decide which of your products you would like to showcase
  • Make sure your staff are familiar with the products

The concept should be something that will engage audiences and make them want to see the exhibition. Next, you need to choose an event space that is appropriate for the type of exhibition you are planning. From the perspective of venue management, it should be large enough to accommodate the number of works on display, and it should also have good lighting and ventilation. Finally, you need to market the exhibition effectively. You should create eye-catching posters and flyers, and promote the exhibition through social media and other channels.

To ensure you have a successful exhibition, you have to come up with an excellent marketing plan. A large percentage of your budget needs to be assigned to marketing expenses.

You need two types of approaches. You first need to market your event to attendees. You need to convince them that the event has something they desire or need and it is in their best interests to attend the exhibition.

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